How it works

How to choose a rental property that you will love.

How does it work?

The Process

The Start

Register your interest with us and we’ll be in touch.

Owners can opt for our let-only, or fully managed service. 

Tenants can opt for an option to buy, or pay a little extra and get a share of the property appreciation, should they buy.

Property Offering

When a property becomes available, it is first sent out to all matched applicants.

After this exclusivity period, the property is launched on all major housing portals.

Viewings & Offers

We carry out all viewings in-house ensuring the property-tenant match is the right fit for both parties.

Anyone making an offer fills out a fact-find form, helping us understand their current and future needs.

Offer Accepted, Tenancy Creation

We can handle all onboarding, including referencing, compliance checks, and property preparations.

We produce two agreements:
– An Adjoin tenancy agreement, governing the rental period
– An Adjoin options agreement, setting out terms for how and when the tenant can buy from the owner.

Move-in, Feel at Home

Everything is signed, the deposit is protected and the first rent is in. We can oversee the move-in.

Tenants can make themselves at home, even more so as they may end up buying it!

The Sale

During the pre-agreed timeframe, the tenant can confirm the sale price and trigger the Option.

The tenant buys the property for at least the Minimum Sales Price.

Congratulations are in order! We’ve achieved both goals: the house has been sold, and the tenant is now a homeowner!

Who is this for?


  • Wanting high-quality Tenants with a vested interest
  • Seeking a better rental return 
  • Looking for a great deal on proactive property management
  • Hoping to sell in improved market conditions
  • Aiming to lower the chance of voids


  • Wanting an option to buy the property they live in
  • Seeking highly motivated owners as landlords 
  • Looking for flexibility in the buying process 
  • Hoping to participate in the property’s appreciation
  • Aiming to understand the property you live in before you buy it

The Adjoin Tenancy comes with the benefit of an Option to buy the property you live in.
Tenants can also pay an additional premium to share in any appreciation that occurs while they live in the property, granted as a discount if they buy. 

Tenant SchemeOption To buy?Discount on purchase?Rental PremiumDiscount? 
Try Before You Buy✔️10%
Share In The Upside 15 ✔️✔️15%20% Of Appreciation
Share In The Upside 20 ✔️✔️20%40% Of Appreciation
 Appreciation is calculated using any increase in value above the pre-agreed Minimum Sales Price, set at the start of the tenancy. 

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