Our Story

Why it started

It seemed like their options were to move away from the community they’d been part of for years or buy something small and hope to make it work.

This just didn’t seem right to them. They looked around for a solution, but when nothing seemed to be forthcoming, they decided it was time to make one!

Why we’re so keen to succeed

The housing market is complex and traditional. There is a certain way of doing things as that’s how they’ve always been done. We don’t believe in doing things for continuity’s sake. We think we’ve found a way to get owners and occupiers on the same team. After all, you need both for a successful relationship!

We want to help owners by ensuring their assets are well looked after, and we want to help aspiring owners to achieve their dreams. 

The process can be overwhelming, whichever side you’re on, but with our platform, we hope to remove any anxiety!

Our team

Kostas, CEO & Co-Founder

He experienced a problem that many are facing. Young (and young at heart) professionals on good salaries are struggling to afford to buy in the buzzy communities they’re contributing to. Spotting the need for something to help, he created Adjoin Homes.

His aim was to find a solution that granted renters the chance to participate in the benefits of homeownership while still on their way there.

Kostas gained his experience working in finance, economics, and game theory for over 15 years. He has worked at several (arguably) top-notch universities and had a career as a professor.

When not obsessing about the housing market he enjoys cooking, tidying up his pencils, and listening (without seeing the oxymoron) to both heavy metal and house music.

Marios, CTO & Co-Founder

Marios is in charge of tech & data at Adjoin. He has a family background in housing and construction.

More impressively, he has a PhD and 10+ years of research in quantum science, computational atomic physics and numerical simulations of quantum gases.

Having worked in universities and labs on 3 continents, and contributed to original research with Nobel prize winners (or and shortlisters) he switched to data science, implementing complex network theory in industry.

He later co-founded his first proptech startup that was funded by VCs, angel investors and the UK government, before jumping full-time (and full-heartedly) into Adjoin Homes.

When not building tech, you will find him spending time with family and improvising jazz with his alto sax.

Elliot, VP of Business Development

Elliot has been working in the property industry for his whole professional life. His earliest exposure was in his teens, working for his family’s property company. Elliot spent his formative years watching businesses develop around him spurring his strong interest in business management, which he studied at university. 

Post-university, Elliot has spent over 10 years becoming an expert in residential property, working with a variety of key stakeholders. Aiming to broaden his knowledge, he achieved a distinction in his Masters in Real Estate Development in 2018. 

He’s run his own property company, focused on providing high-quality property services. He’s specialised in buying and selling properties, property management, renovations, and has even built a house!

He joined the Adjoin team as he believes we can make a real difference. He relishes the challenge of continually innovating our platform, changing the way owners sell properties to those hoping to buy, benefiting both sides.  

Outside of property, Elliot spends most of his time involved in football. Playing, watching, coaching, or simply playing FIFA.