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Get in your dream home now

Rent today a home you may want to buy in the future. Your monthly payments help you build housing-wealth. When you are ready you can choose to either buy the home or move out with any proceeds.

Our mission

Make housing-wealth accessible to everyone

Our salaries aren’t keeping up with house prices. For most of us buying a home is a moving target. We can either downsize and leave our communities or keep renting while trying to save. We want to get you in your dream home now, without the need to downsize or rent & save on your own.

How it works

We offer a Rent Now Buy Later scheme for the modern urbanite. We are a new kind of company that allows you to have the flexibility of renting with the wealth-generating potential of ownership in a home you love.

  1. Pick your dream home
    Based on your requirements we give you a home budget. Find a home that is for sale in the open market or choose from our pre-approved list.
  2. Rent & start building housing-wealth
    You rent the property from existing landlords or property investors who buy it. If the home value goes up you will gain more when you exit.
  3. Buy or leave with any proceeds
    Exit our scheme at any time. The home is yours to buy, but even if you move out you’ll get part of any increase in the property’s value.

A number is a thousand words

Numbers are for educational and general information purposes only. You should not rely upon the material or information on this page as a basis for making any financial or any other decisions.

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Made from renters for renters

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Zero or low downpayment

Buying a home requires a large deposit, usually a big part of your savings. That’s why with us the upfront cost is much less and even zero.

No money down the drain

Most of us feel that the money we spend on rent is never coming back . We help you build housing-wealth with fixed monthly payments that lead to a potential payment when you exit.

No loans or mortgages

Ever felt that committing to a 30-year mortgage for a home you haven’t even tried yet is not for you? With us you get the chance to first live there and then commit or not.


About Us

About Us

We are renters like many of you, facing the same issues & creating a product that works for all of us.

Our partners include leading accelerators, data providers, legal firms & cloud computing resources.

Among us we have 50+ years of experience in economics & finance, data science & machine learning.

Contact us

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We’d love to hear from you and build a product that works for all of us. We’ll get back to you as soon as we can!

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Sutton Yard, 4th floor, 65 Goswell Road, London, EC1V 7EN

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