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More opportunities. More deals.

Provide tenants with homes that they can now rent in the areas they love, but can also buy later.

Provide landlords with tenants that have “skin in the game” who will treat the property like their own.

We give selected agents access to

The adjoin rental agreement. The modern way to rent.

We put landlords and tenants in the same team and create a win-win situation for both. Landlords enjoy higher rent, lower void periods and operating expenses. Tenants earn while they rent and have the option to buy the property in the future. Agents gain more deal-flow and fees.

Be the first to offer a new, exciting product to your clients

Seemless switch for you and your clients

The transition from a standard to an adjoin rental agreement is streamlined by our automated offer process. The contract is created by an expert legal team.

More commissions with less hassle

You collect fees: both for finding the tenant and for pairing us with a landlord; for managing the property; and for brokering any transfer of ownership at the end.

Fuel your future growth with a new opportunity

The adjoin agreement is exclusively available to the real estate professionals that partner with us. We give you access to a new, untapped market.


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Adjoin's network of trusted partners and supporters
Adjoin’s network of trusted partners and supporters

Our steps together

You introduce us to a landlord

Existing landlords who are already renting their property, or new aspiring property owners.

Your landlord is better off

They get a tenant who pays more rent and who gains only if the property price goes up. As a result, less vacancy risk1, less maintenance and insurance costs2.

You can also introduce us to a tenant

People who can rent but not currently buy in their desired area. They get to live now in the property they would love to own one day.

We vet the property and provide the contract

The adjoin rental agreement between the landlord and the tenant can be tailored to match the landlord’s requirements, like the length of the tenancy.

You collect fees at entry

You take part of our fees for sourcing the landlord as well as the tenant.

You collect fees during

You manage the property & collect fees for doing so. Higher monthly rent3 means that also your fees are higher. The adjoin contract gives financial incentives to the tenant to make your managing the property more hassle free.

You collect fees at exit

You don’t need to advertise the property to anyone, no more lengthy sales periods. The buyer4 already lives in the property and you collect a fee for brokering the final sale to them.

  1. Estimated at 2.5%. 2. By 50% based on estimations. 3. By 25% in some cases. 4. Assuming the tenant exercises the option to buy

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