Rent to Sell

The modern way to rent out your property

We put landlords and tenants in the same team and create a win-win situation for both. Landlords enjoy higher rent, lower void periods and have a buyer in place. Tenants earn while they rent and have the option to buy the property in the future.

An alternative route to sale that protects your income in the process, offering seamless switch, more rent with less hassle and tenants with skin in the game.

The transition from a standard to an adjoin rental agreement is streamlined by our automated offer process. The contract is created by an expert legal team.

You receive 100% of the standard rent of the property, even if we fully manage it. You also maintain 100% of the property ownership throughout the contract.

With adjoin, your tenants earn only when the property price goes up. This makes them care about the property even more, reducing expenses for you, the landlord.

Achieve Your Long Term Goals Without Compromising on Short Term Gain.

We match your property with an aspiring owner that is looking to buy in the next 6 – 24 months.

Set Key Parameters

You set the Minimum Sales Price, Sales Period and Tenancy Length. This controls when the property can be purchased, when the occupant can buy and ensures you will get at least the price you have set.

Full Market Rent

The tenant pays an option fee, which covers the cost of the rental, leaving you with full market rent.

0% Sales Comission

The sales fee is rolled into the Option Fee the tenant pays, so we don’t charge you anything to sell the property when the tenant buys.

What We Do?

We match you and your property with an Aspiring Owner that is looking to buy in the near future.

We work to assess their affordability and ask questions about their current and future lifestyle to ensure a higher level of accuracy when matchmaking.

Reduced Costs

0% Sales Comission on sale if the tenant buys. Lettings Fee is covered by the Occupier’s Option Premium.

Management available for just 5%.

Quality Tenants

Occupiers with a vested interest that will treat your property like home.

Lowered chance of voids as the tenant becomes the owner.

Guaranteed Rent

Rent Guarantee available on all tenancies.

Complementary on tenancies above £2,000 pcm.

Bespoke To You

Customisable Sales Period to fit in with your plans.

Push the sale into the next tax year, let the sales market recover or your ERCs to expire.

What does the process look like?

Introduce us your property

The first step to any successful relationship is getting to know each other. Register your interest and we will contact you within 24 hours to book an appointment.

We vet your property

Using a combination of Human and Artificial Intelligence, we give you the expected rental and sales figures for your property. We also discuss the Service Options, establishing your needs.

Establish Key Facts

You ‘re in control. Set the key facts, including; Rental Price, Tenancy Length, Minimum Sales Price, and Sales Period

We source the tenant

The property details are sent to our waitlist of tenants and advertised on all major portals. We vet any new applicants for their ability to rent now, and their future purchasing ability. We conduct viewings.

Tenancy Agreed and Moved-In

When you accept an offer, we can take care of all onboarding; referencing, documents, helping prepare the property, and moving them in.

Relax, we have it covered

We have a proactive management approach. We periodically touch base with the tenant to catch any issues before they snowball. We also give tenants the tools needed to prepare for homeownership, effectively making them in-house property managers.

Preparation for Sale

The tenant requests an updated valuation. Confirm your expectation, whether it’s the Minimum Sales Price or higher. Once the price is agreed, the formal offer is received and the conveyancing process starts.

Sale Completes

When ready, the tenant can trigger their Option to buy.
They keep paying rent until they complete, meaning no voids, and better yet, 0% Sales commission.

What are the Tenant Schemes?

They get the option to buy.

They pay the market rent, plus an Option Premium for the exclusive right to buy the property.

Their Option Premium starts at 10%, which we collect to cover our costs.

Tenant SchemeOption To buyDiscount on purchaseRental PremiumDiscount  on Purchase
Try Before You Buy✔️10%
Share In The Upside 15 ✔️✔️15%20% Of Appreciation
Share In The Upside 20 ✔️✔️20%40% Of Appreciation
Appreciation is determined as the value increase from the Minimum Sales Price, set at the start of the tenancy, to the updated valuation set when you are ready to purchase.


What do the numbers say?



Minimum Sales Price:            £500,000Current Valuation:            £500,000
Rental Amount (PCM):            £2,000Tenancy Length:            2 Years 
Assumed Management Fee:             12.5%Assumed Sales Fee:            1.25%

You’re considering if now is the right time to sell. Another tenancy? Try the sales market? High interest rates are slowing the sales market.


Yearly house price growth is still over 5%, but the number of buyers has shrunk as lenders become temporarily more stringent in their affordability testing.


You elect to try Adjoin. You offer the tenant the Try Before You Buy Scheme.


Assuming property prices rise by ~5% a year, the property will be worth over £550,000 by the end of their tenancy.


You have only paid 5% for property management, 1/3 of London’s average.


You’ve given the tenant the option to buy the property anytime between months 21 and 23.


Month 22, they ask for an updated valuation. £545,000.


With Adjoin, you have received over £5,500 more in rent. The market and affordability have recovered, you’re receiving £45,000 more for the sale.


We have charged you 0% Sales commission as the tenant bought. Saving you over £6,750.



Sounds pretty good to us.


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