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A product designed with you in mind

Not enough deposit? No problem. Rent now a home you love, share in its upside and have the option, but not the obligation, to buy it in the future. Easy peasy.

Your journey with us

Pick your property

From our pre-approved list or suggest one that is for rent or sale in the open market.  

We are your “buying agent”

We vet all properties before you move in. We also make sure you can afford the rent and are on a path to potentially afford the property, if you wish to buy it.

We freeze your monthly payment

Only extras are the costs of standard services (e.g., utilities). No hidden fees. No monthly payment increases. 

Your payments count for something

During your tenancy you can see your adjoin wallet growing with the property value. Plus you get to live in a property you don’t yet own.

Exit our scheme whenever you choose

Leave the tenancy when desired, subject to fees that you already know. The landlord will never ask you to leave while you rent. In other words, you can treat the property as your own!

Share in the upside

At the beginning you agree on a minimum purchase price; if when you exit the property price is higher than the minimum, then you get a discount equal to the value of your adjoin wallet.

Cut the time of buying a home at least in half

You already live in the home you are buying.
No offers and counteroffers. No gazumping. You are the first and only one in line.

Who is this for?

Well everyone really but especially if…

You have low deposit

Stagnant wages and increasing house prices means that amassing a sufficient deposit is the no1 reason most of us cannot afford to buy. We are here to help.

You want to try before you buy

Even if you have the deposit it’s probably a huge part of your savings. You may feel lukewarm with the idea of committing to a property you don’t really know. With us, you can now live there and see for yourself.

Your salary may increase

Your personal circumstances may call for a more stable home but your finances say that you have to wait. Get in your dream home now and have the option to buy whenever you feel ready.

Enough talking, let’s see some numbers

Example, hooray!

A 1-bedroom flat in London, with a current value of £500,000, which also serves in this example as the minimum purchase price.

The adjoin rent is £2,400 per month, which includes standard rent + the option to buy later + a share in the property price appreciation.1

Your joining fee is £1,250 which includes legal and administrative costs.1 No other costs or fees!

[1] Plus any standard tenancy deposit, e.g., 1-2 months rent.

[2] Subject to any exit fee (e.g., the costs for re-listing the property) that you already know.

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Say no to money down the drain

Let us say you decide to leave in 3 years and the property price has grown by 12% over that period, so it £560,000.

Then you share 50% of that appreciation and the value in your wallet is £30,000. So if you decide to buy, you do so at the discounted price of £530,000. You also pay a conveyancing fee of £1,000 + VAT, again simply for legal and administrative costs.

What if the value drops in 3 years?

Then you can still buy at the pre-agreed minimum set price, here £500,000. There is the conveyancing fee of £1,000 + VAT to be paid.

Still your home if you want it!

What if you don’t want to buy?

Then you exit as you would do any other tenancy.2 Nothing to worry about.

This is fun. Can I see more?

Of course you can!

Frequently asked questions

How are you different from shared ownership and Help to Buy?

The major difference is that both schemes are, in the majority of the cases, sponsored by the government and have strict requirements on your personal income and the property you can choose. Within our scheme any income and property value will work! No thresholds, no ranges, no new-build requirements!

What are the personal eligibility criteria?

In adjoin you are a tenant until you decide to buy. There are no loans or mortgages involved. This means that our eligibility criteria will be more similar to those you have to meet when renting, than to those that you need to get a mortgage. Simply put, this allows us to offer you properties you can rent now and may want to buy in the future.

Can I overpay, if I decide so in the future, to increase the value of my adjoin wallet?

Currently we do not offer this possibility. Our model is uniquely designed in order to optimise the payouts to all parties involved based on a fixed monthly payment throughout your lease. But we may offer this feature in the future.

While I rent with adjoin, am I still considered a First Time Buyer (if I was one initially)?

Yes you are! Adjoin provides you with a new rental agreement that includes all the above-listed benefits. When and if you decide to buy the property you are considered a first time buyer, with all the benefits that come with that , for example, a reduced stamp duty tax.

What is the adjoin wallet?

It is your share of the property price upside. When the property price goes above the minimum pre-agreed price you get money in your wallet. If you buy the property, this money are a discount on the price you pay for the property. Your adjoin tenancy agreement will specify exactly how much you receive under each scenario. No surprises.

What happens to the adjoin wallet if the property price doesn’t grow above the minimum?

Then your wallet has no money. However, it never turns negative, meaning you never owe money even if the property price has sunk; and you always maintain your right to buy, no matter what. Plus we use our expertise to pick properties that we estimate have a higher chance of making your wallet worth something.

What is the minimum purchase price?

It is the lowest price at which you can buy the property in the future. You agree on that with the landlord at the beginning, no surprises. The intent is to make this fair for both you and the landlord.

Who owns the house in adjoin?

Carefully selected landlords.

Am I tied in for the duration of the tenancy, say 3 years?

No. You can exit our scheme at any point. When you exit you can buy, if after an initial period, or simply leave. There may be exit fees, which you now at the beginning of the lease.

What homes are eligible?

Any really. You can look for every home that is for sale or rent in the open market plus the ones in our pre-approved list.

Can I really pick a home in the open market that is either for rent or sale?

Yes that’s right. Once you have narrowed it down to a few options we will also vet the properties (if not in our list) and deem their suitability for our scheme. If ok we will inform the existing landlord of your choice for an adjoin rental agreement and try to get them onboard. Everything to get you in your dream home!

Who takes care of costs like stamp duty and insurance?

The existing landlord. They own the home while you live there, so they have paid or pay stamp duty and for the property’s maintenance and management, amongst others. You are a tenant as far as costs are concerned.

Is the adjoin monthly payment higher than market rent?

Yes because it is three things in one. First, your right to occupy the property, as in standard rent. Second, your sharing of the property price upside as reflected in the amount in your adjoin wallet. Third, your right but not the obligation to buy the property in the future. Pretty valuable things!

How does adjoin make money?

From a percentage fee out of your monthly payment. What is unique about our model is that you and the landlords are both gaining if the house price grows: we are all on the same team!

What is adjoin’s role in all of this?

We facilitate the relationship between you and the landlord/investor. We caretake your stay in the property but even if we stop operating your relationship with the landlord/investor will be contractually protected. Clearly, we are not a mortgage provider, not a (equity) loan provider, and not your landlord.

What if I need to sell my existing house first?

We can help! We can offer your existing property to a new tenant in an adjoin agreement, while you live in your new property on another adjoin agreement. The two agreements will be made so that everything works for you in terms of financials and timing.

Anything else?

Please write to us at