Guaranteed Rent

A safer way to let your property


Maximise Rent

The price offered is the price you receive. And it will be the most competitive offer you can get! If we like your property, we can go from offer to tenancy in as little as 3 days. Additionally, you have zero voids throughout your lease that can run up to 10 years.

Maintenance on us

We carry out day to day inspections, saving you money, by preventive maintenance. When we see something wrong we fix it immediately. Moreover, we furnish and decorate the property, thus decreasing your lettings costs.

Adjustable to your needs

Leases, duration, property use and break clauses to suit your needs. We can accommodate all situations. Really. We get it. You want to use your property for certain days? We do it! You want us to use sub-let only for a specific number of nights? We do it! You want to inspect your property every week? We do it! With us, you get all the freedom you need.


Whether you want to sell, refurbish or occupy your property in 6, 12 or even 2 months from now, we are your ideal tenant. our flexible tenancies are designed to help you achieve your sale without the overheads. We rent your property on flexible terms and end the lease in a short notice.

The process

We ’re here to help you navigate the increasingly complicated world of home ownership, whether you’re a landlord or selling a property.

  1. Contact Us
    We’ll need to know a bit about you and your property. 
    For the property, We’ll need to know where it is, the type of property and number of rooms.
    Relationships are important, so we’d also like to know a bit about you and your situation.
  2. Property Inspection
    After our initial contact, we’ll organise a suitable time to visit you and the property.
  3. Offer Made
    After our inspection we will run some numbers and send you a formal offer, including any potential work needed. 
  4. Offer Accepted, Property Prepared
    All paperwork is prepared, we will agree how any works are to be done, and a start date is agreed.
    When all is in order, we will both sign the paperwork.
  5. Property Tenanted
    We become the tenant. Sit back and relax!
    Rent is paid on time every month. Eliminate voids and their associated costs!.