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Lovember: The Adjoin Landlord referral program

November 2022

53% of London renters would like to buy the property they currently live in

Are you one of them?


Adjoin Homes was created with the mission to solve the housing affordability problem by bringing landlords and tenants on the same side: when one gains the other one earns too. We created a product that makes financial sense for both.


Now, this is your time to contribute to our mission:

Get us in touch with your landlord and if they switch to the adjoin tenancy you  – the tenant – will get a £1,000 discount on our joining fees.

That’s a considerable amount of money there 🙂


Start here

How it works:

  1. Email us at with:
    • your name, telephone number and property’s address (see our Privacy Policy here)
    • your landlord’s name, phone number and email address (make sure you ask for their consent first of course)
  2. That’s it; you ‘re automatically enrolled!
  3. Once the switch to the adjoin tenancy happens you will be awarded your discount.





Does it need to be my current landlord?

No. We want to reach out to as many landlords as possible. So your discount will apply even if the referred landlord – that switches to adjoin – is not the owner of the property of the referring person.

Can I refer anonymously?

No. Transparency is one of our core value and we expect our customers to share this too. We aren’t doing the usual ‘salesy’ outreach; we talk to customers only if we believe we can deliver value to them and if, of course, they want to talk to us!

How long is this valid for?

The promotion runs until the 30th of November 2022. Any submissions before this date are considered valid.

Is there a maximum at the applied discount?

Yes. The discount is capped at £1,000 for each property.

Can I participate more than once?

Yes. You can have multiple entries; one for each referred property. However, you are entitled to a tenant’s discount only once.

What if my landlord owns more than one properties?

The more the merrier! You are still enrolled and you will be earning your discount once, at the time you sign up with us.