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Earn While You Rent

Rent today a home you may want to buy in the future. Your monthly payments give you the right to buy the property and share in the upside.

Currently live in Angel and Kilburn, London. Join our waiting list for more locations soon!

Our mission

Make housing wealth accessible to everyone

Our salaries aren’t keeping up with house prices. For most of us buying a home is a moving target. We can either downsize and leave our communities or keep renting while trying to save. We want to get you in your dream home now, without the need to downsize or rent & save on your own.

How it works

We offer a new way to rent: the adjoin tenancy. You rent and earn now and have the option to buy later.

You get the flexibility of renting with the wealth-generating potential of ownership in a home you love.

  1. Pick your dream home
    Choose a home from our pre-approved list or suggest to us a property you found in the open market.
  2. Rent & start building housing wealth
    You rent the property and from day 1 your adjoin wallet grows with the home value.
  3. Decide whether to buy or not
    You can buy the property, after an early period, and use your adjoin wallet for a discount. Exit whenever you want if not buying.

Made by renters for renters

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Low downpayment

Is the bank asking you an arm and a leg for a mortgage that you can actually use? That’s why with us the upfront cost is much less.

No money down the drain

Do you feel that the money you spend on rent is never coming back? We help you build housing-wealth while you rent with your adjoin wallet.

No loans or mortgages

Ever thought that committing to a 30-year mortgage for an untried home is not for you? With us you get the chance to first rent and try a home, and then have the option to buy it or not.


Buzz about Adjoin Homes

Adjoin is among an emerging category of startups in the foothills of what others say is another answer: a home ownership revolution.

One of Adjoin Home’s aims is to make housing wealth accessible to all, to allow you to start to build housing wealth without the need for a large deposit or the need to take on a lot of debt.

Adjoin uses artificial intelligence technologies and analytical data to select properties suitable for implementing this model.

Adjoin Homes, a proptech startup based in London, is promoting an innovative ownership model in which the tenant participates in the profits of the property.

About Us

About Us

We – like you – are renters, facing the same frustrations and concerns but also aspirations and hopes. We decided that the time is ripe to create a product that works for all of us.

Among us we have 3 PhDs, 50+ years of experience in economics & finance, data science & machine learning. We put our experience to work for a product that solves a real pain point: wasting money on rent.

Our partners include leading startup accelerators, private and public data providers, boutique real estate firms, established London legal firms & top-notch cloud computing resources.


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We’d love to hear from you and build a product that works for all of us. We’ll get back to you as soon as we can!

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