Guaranteed Rent

No Voids. No Chasing. No Risk.

A safer way to let your properties.

What We Offer

Guaranteed Rent

For Landlords Aiming To Lower Rental Risk

Fill The Gap

Short Term Tenancies For Owners Trying To Sell

The Process

We’re here to help you navigate the increasingly complicated world of homeownership, whether you’re a landlord or selling a property.

  1. Contact Us
    We’ll need to know a bit about you and your property. 
    For the property, We’ll need to know where it is, the type of property and number of rooms.
    Relationships are important, so we’d also like to know a bit about you and your situation.
  2. Property Inspection
    After our initial contact, we’ll organise a suitable time to visit you and the property.
  3. Offer Made
    After our inspection we will run some numbers and send you a formal offer, including any potential work needed. 
  4. Offer Accepted, Property Prepared
    All paperwork is prepared, we will agree how any works are to be done, and a start date is agreed.
    When all is in order, we will both sign the paperwork.
  5. Property Tenanted
    We become the tenant. Sit back and relax!
    Rent is paid on time every month. Eliminate voids and their associated costs!.

The Benefits

Guaranteed Rent
Rent paid every month. 

No Hidden Fees
The price offered is the price you receive.

Reduced Costs
We carry out day to day maintenance, saving you money.

Flexible Leases
Leases and break clauses to suit your needs.

We can furnish the property, decreasing lettings costs.

Compliance Included
We do the periodic inspections and certifications, saving you money and reducing your legislative burden.

Qualified Managers
Our team are ARLA qualified, with years of experience.

Move at Your Speed
From offer to tenancy in as little as 3 days.

Our Property Search

We are looking to take on both individual units and whole buildings.
Our main area of acquisition is London, spanning Zones 1 and 2, however, we are working to expand our reach, so if your property is in Zones 3 or 4, or further afield, we’d be happy to discuss how we could help. 

Property TypeIndividual PropertiesResidential Buildings ( C3, C4)
SizeStudio, 1 and 2 Bedroom Properties3-20 units
Scope of Works Offered Cosmetic, Redecoration and Light RefurbishmentLight to Full Redecoration and Refurbishment 
Typical Lease Term1 – 5 Year Lease3 – 10 Year Lease
Typical Location London Zones 1 & 2London Zones 1 & 2
Other property types and locations can be considered. Get in touch to discuss! 
We can also offer a purchase option, if you’re considering selling in the future. 

Run Down or Uninhabitable Property?
Talk to us about our pre-tenancy works product, Refurbish to Rent
We can get your property ready for tenancy, and then become the tenant.

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We continue to work on our solution, integrating feedback from key property stakeholders to continue to put current and future owners on the same team. 

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