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Our Story

The iterative process that adjoin co-founders went through

What are you?

adjoin homes is a new kind of company with the mission to make housing wealth accessible to everyone. How? With a rent to buy platform that brings landlords and tenants together for the benefit of both. In our platform, tenants can rent and try a property they may want to buy in the future. Landlords have a great tenant with skin in the game and a potential future buyer.

How did you get there?

adjoin was created out of frustration, from renters to renters. Marios and Kostas, the co-founders, are such frustrated renters themselves. Luckily, they also have 30+ years of experience in designing markets and analysing data so they decided to put their passion and scientific expertise to create a unique solution capable of solving a big problem.

Who are you?

Kostas decided to solve a problem that he was personally facing and soon realised he was not alone: young (and young at heart) professionals on good salaries can only rent and not buy properties, in the buzzy areas they love to live. The question was simple: can we find a way to combine the flexibility of renting and the wealth-generating power of home-owning? Adjoin became the answer! A product of his experience in finance, economics, and game theory that spans over 15 years, several (arguably) top-notch universities and a career as a professor. When not obsessing about the housing market he enjoys cooking, tidying up his pencils, and listening (without seeing the oxymoron) to both heavy metal and house music.

Marios, the tech & data guy at Adjoin, has, besides a PhD and 10+ years of research in quantum science, computational atomic physics and numerical simulations of quantum gases, a family background in housing and construction. After having worked in numerous universities and labs in three continents, doing original research with Nobel prize winners (or almost winners) he switched to data science, implementing complex network theory in industry. He later co-founded his first proptech startup that was funded by VCs, angel investors and the UK government, before jumping full-time (and full-heartedly) to adjoin homes take on this true challenge. With data. When not building tech, you will find him spending time with family and improvising with his alto sax.

adjoin homes was created with the mission to solve the housing affordability problem by bringing landlords and tenants on the same side:

when one gains the other one earns too.

We created a product that makes financial sense for both.


Are you guys experienced in Real Estate?

We are. Both founders have founded a startup in the property space before, while one of us has a family background in development and worked there too for a short while.

Are you backed by any investor?

We have several individual ‘angel’ investors on board and they are all amazing and seasoned entrepreneurs.

Why do you care about housing and house affordability at all?

It’s personal. We believe that housing conditions and our finances impact our lifestyles. We created adjoin homes to improve both 🙂

How is (data) science helping adjoin?

Essentially we are mapping a real estate problem to data and matching problem. We reframe the problem in the arena where we excel: data, math and finance 🙂 We use our brains in order to collect the data, value assets, derive optimised pricing, identify qualifying properties and match them to tenants. While we are not (yet) implementing quantum algorithms, there is a lot of supervised and unsupervised machine learning and financial modelling happening behind the curtains.

How do you source your properties?

This is our secret sauce! Our magic hands code and identify the ‘ones’.

Are you guys for real? This is super-ultra-mega-awesome! How can I meet you?

Our offices are in central London, so stop by to say hello any point you fancy. We work about 25 hours per day, so chances are good.

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